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The Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and Sport Pilot initiatives by the FAA and Experimental Aircraft Association open up flying to a wider range of people who, until now, may have thought they could never fulfill their dream of learning to fly or owning a modern up-to-date aircraft.

At Hansen Air Group we offer sales, service, and rental for the light sport aircraft we feel provide the best value to help you experience the joy of flight.

Sky Arrow 600 Sport Aircraft Review

Sky Arrow 600 Sport Aircraft Review

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The Sky Arrow 600 Sport is a tandem seat aircraft designed and manufactured in Italy. The Sky Arrow is built almost entirely of carbon fiber in epoxy resin, giving it a strong composite structure with high strength-to-weight ratio. The fuselage is almost entirely made of carbon fiber sandwich in an epoxy resin matrix.

Kevlar is used in some areas, such as the cabin, where added strength is useful for crashworthiness. The two fuselage halves are bonded together along the vertical plane. Engine and fuel tank attachments have been statically tested in crash landing simulations up to 18 G, reports the factory.

Wing flaps are actuated electrically in the Sky Arrow and can be positioned at 0, 10, 20 and 30°. Ailerons are actuated via aluminum control rods and bell cranks.
An unusual feature of the Sky Arrow is that it can be rigged for hand control only, which makes it useful for pilots who have lost the use of their legs. Hansen Air Group working with ABLE Flight, has won recognition for this accomplishment and it opens the door of flight to potential sport pilots with special needs.

FIGHTER JET - As I sat in this seat, I felt like I had entered a fighter cockpit with controls conveniently arranged all around me. Note open spaces that could accommodate some of today's glass panel screens.
My flight experience came in an 80-hp Rotax 912-powered Sky Arrow. The 600 Sport model comes equipped with the more powerful engine. On a beautiful San Diego day in December, I went aloft with the company's marketing manager and chief pilot Howard Hawkins, a tall fellow who fit well in the rear seat of the Sky Arrow.

Sky Arrow Sport 600 Preflight

Sky Arrow Sport 600 Instrument Panel

Careful Preflight
Before we took off, Hawkins went through his preflight with my camera and me at his elbow. The walk-around is typical of most light sport aircraft except for a few distinguishing characteristics of the Sky Arrow. A fuel strainer drain on the left side of the fuselage is hidden under a small cover like an auto fuel door. This is one of many touches that show the effort to achieve a clean exterior.

The Sky Arrow's fashionable T-tail stands rather tall. To inspect it carefully, you can simply pull the plane down by the tail for a closer look. This action takes little force as the Sky Arrow balances well on the main gear. It also has a tailskid to prevent rudder damage from tail inspections, or from deep landing flares.

Italian designers created a removable instrument panel. With two thumbscrews, all the instrumentation is inserted on the front side of the panel, employing a series of nine electrical plugs. If avionics repair is necessary, you could take your entire Sky Arrow panel to a shop. The top of the panel also comes off so you can get at everything very easily. Ask a mechanic who has struggled under the panel of most general aviation airplanes what he thinks this might save you in repair dollars.