Welcome to the Hansen Air Group Website

Welcome to the Hanse Air Group Website
The Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and Sport Pilot initiatives by the FAA and Experimental Aircraft Association open up flying to a wider range of people who, until now, may have thought they could never fulfill their dream of learning to fly or owning a modern up-to-date aircraft.

At Hansen Air Group we offer sales, service, and rental for the light sport aircraft we feel provide the best value to help you experience the joy of flight.

Fk9 Professional

  • Fk9 Professional Light Sport Aircraft
The Fk9 is a proven and popular airplane prized by aero clubs, flight schools, and aviation enthusiasts around the world. By combining modern composite technology with a steel tube cockpit safety frame and the venerable Rotax 912 engine, Fk Lightplanes builds a rugged yet lightweight aircraft.

With a 600 pound useful load, 1200 fpm climb rate and 107kt economy cruise this is an airplane that is at the top of its class.

his versatile aircraft, available in tricycle or tailwheel versions, can be used as a float plane, ski plane, bush plane, tow plane, or trainer.


Fk12 Comet

Fk12 Comet aerobatic light sport aircraft.

Wow! A Lightsport biplane! The Fk12 Comet resets the limits on the “Fun Meter of Light Sport Aviation”. The newest version of  Fk’s exciting biplane incorporates larger control surfaces and redesigned landing gear for even snappier handling and improved landing characteristics.

With outstanding climb performance and control response, the Comet is a stick and rudder pilot’s dream come true. The Fk12 is a year round flyer and can be configured with open cockpit or bubble canopy for seasonal or passenger considerations.

Built to withstand +6 to -3Gs the Comet  will be certified for aerobatics when an approved aerobatic engine is installed.


Sky Arrow 600 Sport

Sky Arrow 600 Light Sport Aircraft

The Sky Arrow 600 Sport is the latest in the long line of Sky Arrow aircraft. Re-engineered and re-equipped to meet the specifications for the Light Sport Aircraft category.

The 600 Sport benefits from the experience and the quality production that Magnaghi Aeronautica S.p.A. puts into its line of certified aerospace components.

The Sky Arrow’s distinctive styling and outstanding fit and finish draws a crowd wherever it goes. 


FA-04 Peregrine

FA 04 Peregrine light sport aircraft.

The FA-04 Peregrine is a sleek Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) manufactured by Flaeming Air of Germany.

Flaeming Air has built aircraft for the European Microlight and Very Light Aircraft market for over a decade.

The high-strength carbon fiber airframe and proven Rotax engine make the Peregrine a sporty, yet reliable airplane that will cruise near the limits of the Light Sport regulations.